Knee Braces

Knee Braces and knee supports provide stability and support to the knee joint. They come in a range of support levels, maximum protection, mid-level, and light support. Knee Braces that offer maximum support tend to be bulkier and restrict the range of motion to prevent hyperextension and/or lateral movement while recovering from serious injury, while thinner lighter braces and knee supports offer a full range of motion with less bulk and are suitable for light sprains and strains and injury prevention. Ebos Sport sells DonJoy Knee Braces which offer best in class protection with minimum bulk at each support level.

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13 Item(s)

Sports Knee Braces & Supports

ACL injuries are common among many athletes. Knee braces such as the Donjoy® Performance Bionic Fullstop provide maximum support to the ACL and prevent hyperextension making it the perfect brace for those recovering from ACL surgery or wishing to avoid future injuries after recovery. Some athletes have found that the support given by the Bionic Fullstop knee brace is enough to keep them training while awaiting knee surgery. The DonJoy Performance Webtech Knee Strap provides relief from the pain associated with patella tendonitis. It’s perfect for runners knee.

Crossfit Knee Braces

The Anaform Power Knee is sold in pairs and is perfect for CrossFit athletes. It provides a mix of support, compression and heat retention that provides relief from general knee pain. It’s great for treating mild knee sprains and strains when you want to keep training.

If you suffer from medial ligament instability then the Bionic hinged knee brace is just what you need. It’s designed to protect against lateral forces in the knee joint while still allowing the knee to go through flexion and extension. It prevents hyperextension and provides fantastic support to the patella.

Knee Support

The Donjoy Performance Anaform knee support is provides increased support for patients suffering from overuse injuries. It provides relief from stiff achy joints by helping to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Arthritis Knee Braces

Knee braces such as the DonJoy Performance Trizone can assist in reducing knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. This is achieved by improving the biomechanics of the knee joint, reducing stress on the affected area of the joint. This can improve knee function, and provide improved comfort while waiting for knee replacement surgery.

Post Operative Knee Braces

Knee Braces are used after knee surgery to support and protect the knee and to help patients and athletes recover after injuries. They provide stability and support and in some cases restrict the range of motion of the knee joint to prevent reinjury. Knee braces can also help delay the need for knee surgery by supporting damaged knees and reducing pain.

Protect your knee from injury with a knee brace

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