Marathon Training Programme For Beginners

This marathon training programme is designed to take a casual jogger who is regularly running 5-10kms per week and prepare them to run a marathon in 22 weeks. The plan gradually builds up in distance and includes three lighter recovery weeks in weeks 7, 14 and 21.

Week 1 Rest 3km 4km Rest Rest 5km 6km 18km
Week 2 Rest 5km 4km 4km Rest 5km 7km 25km
Week 3 Rest 3km 7km 4km Rest 5km 8km 27km
Week 4 Rest 5km 8km 4km Rest 5km 9km 31km
Week 5 Rest 6km 8km 3km Rest 5km 10km 32km
Week 6 Rest 6km 10km 4km Rest 5km 12km 37km
Week 7 Rest 6km 4km 6km Rest 5km 8km 29km
Week 8 Rest 6km 10km 7km Rest 6km 13km 42km
Week 9 Rest 7km 10km 7km Rest 5km 15km 44km
Week 10 Rest 8km 10km 6km Rest 5km 16km 45km
Week 11 Rest Rest 5km 8km Rest 6km 18km 37km
Week 12 Rest 5km 10km 8km Rest 6km 16km 45km
Week 13 Rest 8km 11km 8km Rest 6km 18km 51km
Week 14 Rest 8km Rest 6km Rest 3km 12km 29km
Week 15 Rest 8km 14km 5km Rest 6km 22km 55km
Week 16 Rest 8km 15km 6km Rest 6km 24km 59km
Week 17 Rest 8km 15km 6km Rest 6km 26km 61km
Week 18 Rest 8km 12km 6km Rest 6km 28km 60km
Week 19 Rest 8km 12km 4km Rest 6km 32km 62km
Week 20 Rest 6km 12km 8km Rest 6km 34km 66km
Week 21 Rest 8km 12km 8km Rest 6km 15km 49km
Week 22 Rest 5km 5km 5km Rest Rest race 57km

This programme is suitable for first time marathon runners with a goal of completing a marathon. If you are an experienced runner looking to improve your marathon pb (personal best) then download this free ‘Training Guide for Running’ pdf from our partners at Isowhey. It includes chapters on Nutrition and Hydration for runners and endurance athletes. Advice on creating the perfect running programme, improving running technique, and strength training for runners. It also explains why rest and recovery is so vital for marathon runners, as well as the benefits of compression clothing for endurance athletes. The Isowhey Sports training guide contains expert advice on what supplements are beneficial to endurance athletes and when to take them.

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Preventing Running Injuries While Training For a Marathon

Typically running injuries are soft tissue in nature and occur in the lower half of the body. The standard treatment is R.I.C.E (Rest, ice, compression, elevation.) After this, you may want to get back running as quickly as possible, however it is important not to run until your injury has fully healed. If this is not possible and you are scheduled to run in an event and need to continue training or compete. Supports and braces may be used at the direction of a physio or other medical professional to protect you from further injury, and aid in your recovery. Often allowing you to continue to train while you recover.

Some common running injuries are Runner’s Knee also technically known as Patellofemoral Syndrome, Patellar Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints which are technically known as Anterior Tendonitis or Tibial Stress Syndrome, Achilles Tendonitis, Calf strains and potentially stress fractures developing from cumulative stresses on the skeletal system.

Endeavour Sport sell a range of braces, supports, straps, and sleeves that can support and protect your body during injury. They can also be used to assist with injury prevention. Endeavour Sport offer the supports below for running.

Runner’s Knee - Webtech Full Knee, Webtech Short Knee, Webtech Knee Strap, Trizone Knee
Shin Splints - Anaform Shin Sleeve, Trizone Calf Sleeve (w/ lower leg compression)
Achilles Tendonitis - Trizone Calf
Patellar Tendonitis - Webtech Knee Strap, Webtech Short Knee, Trizone Knee
Calf Strains, Cramps - Anaform Shin Sleeve, Trizone Calf Sleeve

Proper Running Form Can Prevent Injury & Improve Your Marathon Time

Cool Down After Your Training Run

Not ready to try a full marathon yet? Try our half marathon training plan instead.

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