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About EBOS Sports

Whatever your business or sporting organization requires, we can help. At EBOS Sport we aim to become that 'one stop shop' for all your sports medical, rehabilitation, exercise and nutritional needs.




At EBOS Sport/Healthcare we have numerous unique offers and can tailor solutions to suit your clinics' needs. Please have a look through the site and also our mother site – for anything else you require.

To start purchasing all you need to do is simply fill in our online account opening form and we’ll process straight away.

If you would like to send me your list of clinic consumables or fill in the online quote form I can give you a comparative quote.




Along with our clinic consumables we also have a range of Practitioner Only supplementation in the form of Bioceuticals. Please see for more information on the products.

You can also contact me or our Bioceuticals Product Specialist Kathleen Buckton ( to see how your business and clients can benefit.


Personal Trainers and Fitness industry professionals


We realise the importance fitness industry professionals play in the health, wellbeing and athletic performance of members of our communities. We also realise that you are an individual business, which is why we offer our entire catalogue and wholesale pricing to use to on-sell directly to your clients. By offering to your clients a range of quality relevant products you not only provide a more complete service but you can also add an additional revuenue stream to your personal training business.


Sports Clubs & members


Sports clubs : please get in touch to let me know how we can help your sports club. For grant funding applications send me your seasonal sports medical requirements OR fill in our online quote form & I can give you a competitive quote.

You can also fill in the account opening form when you are ready to purchase.

Sports Club Members : as part of our offer to support our nations sports clubs, we'd like to extend to you hugely discounted pricing. We have a wide variety of sports performance, rehab & recovery, medicinal and nutritional products that you need in order to be able to perform to the best of your ability. In order for you to access special club membership pricing, you need to do the following:


"SPORTSCLUB1" in the voucher section when you are at the check-out. This will automatically apply the special discount rate to your order. EASY!





    14-18 Lovell Court, Rosedale, PO Box 302 161, North Harbour Postal Centre, Auckland, New Zealand


    0800 104 401
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